Quotes added on Tuesday, August 11 2009

&+ At 11:11;
I don't think about you.
I think about the times we laughed together.
The times we look each other in the eyes,
but just to have a staring contest.
The times in class when you smile and nod your head up,
and I smile and nod mine up too.
The times when I can't stop thinking about you.


~ P@!n +0uch3s 3v3ry0n3...

&&* Does anyone ever scream because they got more than 3 favorites on their quote?

I know I do!
Witty is a place where I can say anything thats on my mind, and no one knows.
    I can put up quotes about my crush, and there aren't any people going, WHO WHO!
        WItty is someplace where all you have to say is said, and you don't have to worry (:

                          THREE CHEERS FOR WITTY!

&+ Your The Only One;
Who can make me smile when I'm feeling sad.


egan and Lexi BFFL

& boy

my heart is like
humpty dumpty

after he fell of the wall
all the kings horses
and all the kings men
couldnt put me
together again

ya this sucks but its all mine:]
so rate if u like

beautiful things never last,
thats why fireflies 

one boy, one girl.
when the girl stopped at the edge.
the boy looked at her and said
"what's wrong?"
the g
irl said
unless you hold my hand
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