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And I've realized:
That sometimes when you don't
get exactly what you want,
You get something

                                                     My Story...♥

                                                      i used to have a best friend.                                                            
                                                    than we both liked this guy.                                                  

                                                     love came betwen us.                                                                      

                                                    we  both lost the guy.                                                            
                                          but worst........                                                                              

                                                   we lost each other                                                                

                        alll minee <3                                                                                         
your fingers
were meant
for mine

i   t   s       n   o   t       t   h   a   t
zac efron
god, he's hott.


 So long, put your blue jeans back on girl, go home. Remember, Hollywood's ...not America.
April 16th. love of my life<3
i rememberr when
our first kiss was
right in front of the gym doors(:
communityday, in the halls, after school, your house!
i only have memories..
i miss you sweetie!
It's a bird, it's a plane, no baby boy, it's a shooting star with your name <3

It's that one question i'm asking you all the time;
the one you never seen to answer...
 * why ? *

I've been wishing on 11:11
for the same thing, for about eight  months now.You.It hasnt happened
yet but im
somewhat convinced, one day, all this time, might  pay off.

first quote on this acount..woot.
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