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Sorry, I got lazy with the coloring.

Justin Beiber
o.k so this justin kid&me went to camp
together like idk 2-3years ago. i had --
his cell# but i deleted it not talking to
him for a few months. THEN i hear --
him on the radio.. how odd. i think im
going to get his fanstie address and re
connect. who knows one of his songs ,,
may end up bout me!

this is the truth. not a
fake story..
How am i supposed to be happy when you don't know how i feel about you? I try to tell you but some how u just can't get the picture that your the one i want to hold kiss and care about.But its hard when you  won't give me the time of day to tell you i love you.we used to be the tightest of friends and sometimes more but now its like were strangers.I don't want it to be like this but i don't know maybe this is what you wanted from the start. I like you for you and no one can say other wise.i just wish you could see that so maybe it can go back to the way it used to be with you and me.I used to pray to god that we would end up together.Sometimes when i think thats gunna happen you end up to break my heart and make me think if its really worth it anymore.i try to believe it is but baby you make it so hard to believe anything anymore.

    Edward     Cullen is         proof that               
   attract idiots

okay, i'll stop, i promise
i'll make that change

for you. <3
Walter: [whispering] “I think we should call security.”
Deb: [whispering] “Good idea.”
Buddy: [whispering] “I like to whisper too!”

ELF the movie :)

I Don't Belong Here 
We gotta move on dear
Escape from this [ ( afterlife ) ]
'Cause this txixmxe I'm right to
Move on and on far away from here
Perfect Skies With No Rain
Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold
the vatican:

Dictionary Definition:
(noun) also called the Vatican Palace, the cheif residents of Popes in Vatican City, now also introducing a library, archives, art mueseum, apartments, and administrative offices

Our Definition:
The Pope and his Homies pad
When you're with me it's like no one else matters
when i broke up with you my heart shattered

You were always there when I needed you
Time with you and me just flew

You think that i ment to break your heart?
I knew we were going to last from the start

summer '09 is ending;;
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