Quotes added on Friday, August 14 2009

Your my favorite person in the whole world
 Your smart and funny and you totally understand me.
I a l w a y s want to be with you.
Its like I can't... breath without you.
You are what I live for.
I know you like the back of my hand
were meant to be together

oh and one more thing
I love you

why Justin Bieber now?
 why not Joe Jonas?

I mean Joe Jonas is extremly hot. but why Justin Bieber.

I just don;t get it.
He sings like a fricken girl.

Maybe he didn't hit puberty yett..but he;s 15.

what guy hasnt hit puberty but 15. A werid guy..
Make cookies, not war (:

(c)all myne
no jocking
I walked into the living room and
The first thing my sister says is...
"You are so Scene!"
I said,"Excuse me?
Do I look like a soup can to you?"

*True story.
i love Edward cullen so much!

He could bite my pillows, bruise my body, and bust my headboards anydayy.

A s   l o n g   a s   w e 'r e   p r o m i s e d   t o m o r r o w,
I promise you today.
i really liked you and then you "asked me out"

it was the happiest day of my life.
Then it turned out to be the worst.
..it turns out you were lying.

--i hate lies.
when u blow me kisses i catch then & hold them tight

when i blow you kisses you stomp on them.

(c)all mine
S h e     h a t e s     t h e     s u n     b e c a u s e     i t     p r o v e s     s h e 's     n o t     a l o n e,
& the world doesn't revolve around her soul.

ou have no righ
[     to  point  out  other  peoples'  flaws     ]
W H E N   Y O U R    F L A W S    H A V E   F L A W S .

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