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go hard or go home.
           we were given two hands to hold,
                              two legs to walk,
                  two ears to listen,

               but why only one heart?
          because the other was given to
           some one else for us to find.

when i was a little girl,
i   remember    i   always  believed
that    i   would   be   found   by   a
modeling    agency    and     travel
around the word. i would be pretty
and   marry    rich   good   looking
p r i n c e               c h a r m i n g .
now? no, it doesn't work like that.
you  can't just  expect  something
to      happen
.    you    can't    just
assume   you'll   get   your  happy
     now     i     realize      if
you  want  something  to happen,
all you can do is hope.
absolute vent.
there was more to it
but it was too long.
type here

.:i got a pocket:.
[  g  o  t  a  p  o  c   k   e  t  ]
full of sunshine.




`Cause nobody wants to go it on their own
And everyone wants to know they're not alone.
Somebody else that feels the same somewhere.
There's gotta be somebody for me
out there.

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Brett Favre is returning in Purple and Yellow <3
(I am secretly cheering for the Vikings)

when people complain about jockers! Who
cares about jockers, if they want to be
immature, and take people quotes,
let them, because we can't do
anything about it!
People who put MLIA quotes
on witty! Need to...
QUiT It!
Because this is wittyprofiles.com
just wanted to put that out thereeee!

"Pride  is 
          and sizeless.

[Yet it is the hardest thing to swallow."]

I can  deal with liking you.
It's the  whole you actually liking me back thing that
scares the hell out of me.
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