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&+ even when you're right next to me.. we're worlds apart.
              how did you get here under my skin?
               swore that id never let you back in.

demi lovato?*credittt...Song:Here we go again(:
--- i  miss ---
the way we used to talk about anything
--->the way you made me smile<---
the way you made me feel
=your wonderful hugs=
but most of all, i miss
+ y o u +
if i were over you i would not keep sending you text messages that you never reply to, never leave voice messages of how much i love you and need you but of course you'll never listen to them, i wouldnt call ur house everyday when you turn your cell off only to have ur mom answer and yell at me to stop calling, stop begging ur girlfriend to break up with you, stop coming up to you during school and begging you to take me back

and i do it all because i love you <33
We were
meant to say
g   o   o   d   b   y   e

lazy with the colors.. sorry :p hope you like anywayyy <33
I was never the girl who
thought I need to make sure I look like all the other girls.
I think you look best when you s t a n d  o u t.

- Selena Gomez

How many windows are in your room? two

Do you get ready for the day in your room or the bathroom? both

What size bed do you have?  queen

What does your comforter look like?  uhm white with stripes kidna idk hrad to explain

Is your room big? yeah

Is it clean?  mostly, if u don't mind clothes

Have you ever "done it" in your room?    once

Do you have a ceilling fan? yep
Do you have a night light?  im fuhcking 16

Do you have the following in your room:
[x ] desk
[ X] more than 3 sources of light
[ x] phone
[x] chair/dish chair
[x] book shelf
[x] dresser
[x] TV
[x] CD player/stereo
[ x] bean bag chair
[x ] laptop
[] posters
[ ] paintings
[x] pictures
[x ] walk in closet
[ x] large mirror
[x] bed 
[ ] drumset
[x ] bathroom 
[ X] clock (digital)
[X] clothes on the floor
[x ]box of tissues
[] guitar
[ ] lava lamp
[x] smoke detector
[ ] piano/keyboard
[ ] bongos
[x ] a bin
[ x] locking door
[ x] can of soda
[x] bottle of water
[x] playstation or another game source
[ ] a blacklight
[] something about your own country 
[x] medals
[x] trophies
[x] awards

[ ] water polo ball
[] soccer ball 
[] softball stuff
[x ] beach ball
[] over 100 cds
[x ] surround sound
[x] sofa
[x ] empty liquor bottles
[] flag
[] stop sign
[ ] caution tape
[ ]paintball gun
[ ]dog bed
[x ] picture of your gf/bf by your bed
[x] calendar
Full House Momment #6
(Jesse's Laughing with some girl)
Jesse:Ok what if i said let run off to vages what would you say?
Jesses Girlfriend:I'd say your bike or mine?
Jesse:Ya see becky would have said no way
(Jesses's Girlfriend frowns)
Jesse:Im sorry I've been saying becky too much
Jesse's Girlfriend: well you did sing one verse of diva las becky
It's hard to watch people change right infrount
of you, but the worst part is remembering
who they used to be. </3
Just let go of me.
you're hurting me even more by holding on.
Let go and free me of the pain.
Look me in the eyes and say goodbye.
As hard as it will be for us both,
it's possible to move on.
So far it's only been:
fear, pain, heartache, and tragedy.

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