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Not too long ago...
<>S o m e o n e<>
told me;; if we
didn't ever have
[(bad days)]
the other days
wouldn't seem
(-)as good.(-)
we would never
feel like we have 
[]good days[]
and they'd all
feel like

**bad days**

Now its time for a What I Like About You Moment

Holly:: God Tina, if he would JUST trust me!
Tina:: Oh my God, am I alive cause I think I was just bored to death!
Holly:: Who peed in your granola?

what i like about you. neenee's idea[:  heres the link to the episode


is anybody satisfied with who they really are? 
You could be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.
You gotta learn to swim if you can't walk upon the sea,
 so      I'm      learning      to      live      with       me.

No BoyfriendNo Problems
Time has run out, for me.
Everything's distant and I don't know what to believe.
It's so hard, lost in the world confusion.
And I need to leave, for a while.
Life is so meaningless, there is nothing worth a smile.
So goodbye,
I'll miss you.
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Sorry this isnt pretty but im trying to make others that are so i dont have time for this one in particular.

ights like music;;

        I       won't        turn                      it down  
Gotta live it loud♥
love's   g r o o v e  
that  -  -  -  ,
keeps us  
s p i n n i n g   r o u n d
< - - - - - ' 
"Love without second [guesses,]
Only second chances."
And sweetheart, without you,
tomorrows wouldn't
be worth the wait,
and yesterdays wouldn't
be worth remembering.
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