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                                                friends ask you why your crying . . . 
 but best friends have already dug a hole to bury the jerk who made you cry . . .

 friends call 911 when your choking . . 
             but best friends will try to save you themselves♥
This quote does not exist.

#1 YOu know when #1

people fall and try to act cool about it but really they are holding back tears.... I think thats funny(:
is my middle name.
What's yours?
some people like to show they're beauty off,
because they want the wold to see it..
but others, want to hide they're beauty,
because they want people to see them, for them.
-the sisterhood of the traveling pants
Me: I'm in love
Melissa: Oh god,with who
Me: A bathing suit
Melissa: Oh woow,your soo badd

. . . .    is    . . . .

[[  e v o l  ]



this town holds all your memories  
                         a lifetime of crushes and your  b r o k e n  dreams

Stand. By. Me.
no. credit.
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