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so.. i was at my boyfriends house and our friend was there with us but he was in my boyfriends room on the computer and i was with my boyfriend in his mothers room. we were just talking...;) and ocaissonaly kissing when i heard a noise and i said i think your parents are home and he said nah that aint my parents it be the neighbours i said pretty sure its your parents he said no not even 5 seconds later we hear the door slam soo my boyfriend and i hop out of his moms bed and he runs out the door to find his mother giving him the death stare and says "what are you doing in my bed..? and he says just talking. and she says i think its time for your girlfriend and friend to go home. so me and his friend left & went for a walk. now i dont know if im ever going to look at his mother again.. has this ever happend to you ?
Story of Dakota.

January 26, 2009.

at 7:15 my friend dakota was pushed and fell under a bus. which ran him over. that morning there were so many rumors going around about what happened. and the police were interviewing people. and i just ignored them all because as far as i knew he fine. and all morning i kept texting his phone begging him to text me back saying he was okay. but that text never came. i was in my fourth period class and they made an announcement saying "all teachers check your email". and right there my heart sank. as i made my way to my fifth period class it was as if the whole school was yelling different things at me at once and it was the weirdest feeling trying to ognore all the rumors i heard. and when i walked into my classroom before the teacher told the news to the class, my 3 bestfriends just gave me this look and i just sat down and i started, becuase i knew he was gone. my teacher Mrs. Jones pulled me out of the room and had a teacher walk me down to the office so i could call my mom, and walking down the stairs i built up the courage to ask her if he was dead, and she just said yes. and we both just sat  down on the stairs and started crying. and it was so hard to walk through the hall because everyone just saw me crying and knew he was gone too. that night at the school they had a candle lighting ceremony and the students brought thing to set infront of a cross that was his favorite color and we just cried together as a family. forgetting who we liked or who we hated. and i just couldnt let go. i felt like he was still alive. and i went to his locker and put pictures all over it. and at his viewing going up to his mom and crying with her was the hardest thing i ever did. and his damn funeral was on the day of his 13th birthday. and they buried him with a piece of his birthday cake. and everymonth i go to his grave and put flowers down and just wish i could still be with him. i still see his mom around and it just feels so weird talking to her because i just dont know what to say. because when i used to talk to her was when me and dakota were going out, and she cooked dinner for us, and took me to his basketball games. i miss this boy so much </3

it just isnt fair hes gone, he was only 12 when he died.
-----> i laY iN beD foR a feW secondS<-----
{ to me falling a sleep thinking about you}

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Taylor Lautner ; TL


TL as in;


Just Stand Up
 ([ to cancer ])
 I Thought I Was Ready For Us To Be "Just Friends"
             but then i saw your picture and realized, i still love you
»i love just who you are i aint gon try to change ya
you are a shooting star thats why you are my f a v o r i t e«
 I Don't Think You Realize;
       how damn adorable you look in that plaid shirt of your's

i somehow always thought that "JB" stood for
Jonas Brothers
but  now   i   obviously   know   it   stands   for

Justin Bieber <3
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