Quotes added on Friday, August 28 2009

would it make things diffrent between us if
i  still  loved   you ?

love the quote and change some words
What Would Happen If I met Taylor Lautner(:
Me-*slaps poster down in front of him* Sign the damn thing so I can get out of here
Taylor-*signing it* Whats wrong with you?
Taylor-I am sorry...*finishes it and gives me his phone number*

ha i know this would never happened
I just thought it was funny(:
you weren't worth the tears
and you weren't worth my heart

idk i saw something like it
and i thought of it
Let's have some fun, This beat is sick. I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.
                                      Lady Gaga
Even if the sky is falling
     Im a Rose
fertilized by failure
& watered with tears !

Out Stalking Taylor Lautner
be back whenever
[[dont text;;call I need to focuss]]
if u asked me if
i loved him
i'd lie

idk i love this song

Colomy world <3
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