Quotes added on Saturday, August 29 2009

And We Walked Along ThBeach...
We were only friends. But we both knew that if we were more than
that itt would be perfect. If only he would get the nerve up to ask
me. But as we were walking side-by-side and a couple passes us. They
were holding hands, hugging, laughing, kissing. And i smiled and said-
 "Wouldn'tt that just be perfect?" He looked at me and went. "Yes it would be perfect. Just like you. But unlike me becuase I've waited so long to do this. Will you be my girlfriend? Becuase i love you." I ran into his arms and gave him the biggest hug and said "Yes." We laughed, and hugged, and kissed, and held hands the rest of the way. It was perfect. But it started to rain.
I went "Great. Its ruined now. We have to go home." He just give me the cutest look, eyes twinkling. He laughs and simply says-
"Hasn't every girls dream been to be kissed in the rain?"
He leans over and kisses me. I whisper- "Yes. Thank You. I love you."
He replys with "I love you too. Always have. Just never admitted it."
I didn't answer. I just wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him again.
The rain pouring down all around us clothes drenched, hair wet,
skin almost cold to the touch, lips almost turning purple, goosebumps all over,

But Heart Warm AnPounding.<3
dont say you love me
unless you really and truely mean it
because i might do something crazy like
actually believe you.</3

found it on a website and loved it..so true...feeling the same way :/
All she can talk about is
around me.
{Why} is that???
goooo on it and reg&pledge!<3
I ♥ him.
And sometimes i wish he knew.
And when i'm with you
I never want to leave ,
I always want to be in your arms
Kissing your lips
and seeing your smile
I never want to leave you,
I never will leave you
I love you<3

fix the colors !
just wait and see
she will never compare to me.

there's just something about him that made
me like him ever since the day I met him
there was something about him that
 made me go absolutely
crazy for him ♥

So were at friendlys,
peacefully eating our sundaes,
when those dudes walk in,
these are the kind of dudes who make a loud noise
we were enyoing our ice cream,
when we look over at them and the scary one [with nice hair]
was singing ''i wanna go to friendlys''
and then he made the most
scariest, funniest face in the world.
it was funnny&scary because he has such a huge mouth!!
we hid our faces and laughed for 10 min straight.
 i could not wait to leave friendlys.
 but that was the best time ever!
we love you scary, big faced, funny nice haired dude(:

they                   say                   that                   good                   things                   take                   time
but really great things happen in a blink of an eye

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