Quotes added on Sunday, August 30 2009

H e r e ' s t o t h e g i r l s t h a t . . .

burnt themselves on straighteners,

got eyeliner and mascara in their eyes,

 hurt their ankles in high heels,

went broke from buying clothes in the designer stores,

had to deal with a string up their butt all day,

hurt their ears with earrings,

woke up extra early to try and look perfect

f o r a g u y t h a t w o n t e v e n n o t i c e t h e m . . .

give credit :)
Today I was with a group of friends.

And we were eating hotdogs.

I bit into mine and surprisingly discovered that it was a cheese hotdog.

So I wondered what it would look like if I squeezed it.

So I did and cheese came spurting out.

And my friends asked,

"What are you doing?"

And I said,

"Having fun."

I now know how a hotdog pees.

Type your name with your nose! and plz keep it going
alrxa- Alexa....
bridgtet- Bridgette, lol.
vanessdsa- Vanessa :D ahhahahahhha!
daqsey6- casey! waoh
lilly- Lilly (: yay!
daruibn- Darin
racheol- Rachel almost!!!!!
skye- Skye ;) woohoo.
bella: Bella =D

briana: yay (:
kaitet- katieee (: Danggg
beca- haha i was so close it's becca!
marea- haha i did it!!
t5q54qa-hahaha tara i suck! my nose is too fat!
kayla-haha i did it!!
to4f9i-not even close its tori
taylo944r- taylor
szs m m b- wow wayy offf [ [ Sammy ] ]
emily-emily :] yay!
emily - emily!!!! hhahahah i diid ittt
ally -- Ally:)DID IT!
katoy6jh - Kaitlyn not close!:( lol
kj95tqh-Morgan LOL
kara---Kara :D Yupp!<<<<I'm Great
carenas-Carena. NOT FAIR. My nose slipped. I could have made it..... Dx
angeloaq-Angela-SO CLOSE!!!! lol
k905tqh-Morgan wow! i suckk!! :(
ikq53o6nhj- katelyn.... wow can i do that again!!?? lolll

You make me happy
_________w h e n  n o b o d y  e l s e  c a n

You make me smile
when I'm having the worst day____

You make me laugh
____when I feel like I'm going to cry
Would you like to know a secret?
Well, I think I'm in love with you____

yo. its mine, mine, mine!
Miiineeeeee!!!!! i swear...
                                                                Our Song.
is a slammin screen door.
                                       sneaking out late tappin on
                                       his window when you're on 
                                       the phone and you talk real
                                       slow, cause it's late and
                                       your mama don't know...
I can't hide the fact that i'm still in love with you still!! ugh i need you baby<3
This quote does not exist.
jokes over shakira.
i  j.u.s.t  checked  my  closet,  guess  what...  NO  SHE-WOLF.
Smash it up, Smash it up.
[♥] tonight;we'rekickin'itdownn [♥]

-Cobra Starship. (:

want to be that girl
who means the whole world to him;;
and i want
to be the one who hears
"i love you"
everytime he sees me.
i just want to be that girl
wrapped up
tightly in his arms
. i just want to be 
his beautiful girl.
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