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you just feel ;
everything and nothing at all at once.
sometimes you'll find yourself smiling,
while missing someone at the same time.
at times you can absolutely love a person
all the while wanting to hate them too
life comes without guarantees,
except that smiling will brighten up your face 
laughing will enhance your eyes.
and falling in love will change your life.

& i've said almost everything i could to make you see. & none of it was meant to make you feel bad for me because i would rather have you absolutely hate me then feel bad for me. i don't need your pity. and maybe i'm just a girl and another girl who came along and cried their eyes and heart out for you. and maybe i'm just someone to you. someone you could careless about. but you're something to me. you're a lot to me. i'm sure you don't give. but oh well. i'll just sit here and smile and pretend i'm happy for you when i'm not. at all. i'll stop trying if you want. just tell me to. i wish i didn't care and i know i shouldn't, but i do. there is just something about you. could be that smile lighting up the room. those eyes - warm as the sun. and those reassuring words that keep me coming back. maybe one day you'll realize that i love you. see that i've done everything i can for you. that i've been here all along. and maybe you don't know i've realized you think i'm not good enough for you, nothing is ever good enough for you. realize that you love her, but i'm in love with you. that you just come up with excuses not to try for me. you just live to break me. you always have, always will. just like i have always loved you, always will..♥

wrote this awhile back..
  Just because it's all in your head
  doesn't mean it has to be in mine
I don't believe what you said.
  Still can't get it out of my
  I've tried to find myself
in approval.
  I've already
been there, already
done that.
  It got me
nowhere, it brought me nothing
  but a good place to hide in.

  No one to confide in now
I don't know. I feel like when I start to
become happy, someone comes out and says

"whoa, she's happy now, better crush it."
He came to my house,
with a rose & a [box] of chocolates ; in his hands,
& said to me ; wanna be my girlfriend.
so happy & touched i said "of course"
and then we made out in the rain.
finally , a guy who is like a prince
but then i woke up.

all minee ; no jocking
check out my other quotes
ill be your cheerleader;; if youll be my quarter back.
ill be your juliet;; if youll be my romeo.
ill be your tinkerbell;; if youll be my peter pan.
ill be your everything;; if youll be mine.

But compared to your eyes, nothing shines quite as bright
tell the truth and then run :p

when you walk away
and there's no

gravitational pull
then you know you're
doing the right thing.

not mine, but i love this quote, and i recently had a break up with a guy who dumped me twice and i was stupid enough to go back to him...he was depressed and blamed me for his attempting suicide ten times...he's crazy...whatever. if you relate to this quote, favorite it please! :)

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