Quotes added on Wednesday, September 2 2009

i'd do anything ;
just to be your -

everything <3

alll mineee :)

o Long, Sweet Summer

 (( |_ ))  ((O)) (( \/ )) (( 3 )) 
&+ hunny your


             No LIES.Just LOVE.

                          : ]]
 I was laying on my bed looking at the ceiling thinking and all i could think about was him how his eyes are dark brown and his hair is soo soft u could almost call it a [{(cloud)}] how he would always listen to wat i had to say he would always be there for me wen i had boy troubles and i know tht  we will never go bak out cuz we have both moved on but just becuz i have moved on and we r rele good friends 
 now doesnt mean tht somedays it all comes rushing bak and all i could wish is tht i was there in ur arms under the star for one last time and now i am still laying on my bed not just think about u but writing it all down for the whole world to know that there is and will always be a place in my
 heart for u.........<3*'".,

{She moved on, and I feel sorry for you because she
thought you were the most amazing boy ever. If she
could have [had] any guy in the world, she still would
have picked you. >Now<, you're just *another* part of
her past,
a memory more faded everyday}

You REALLI got it wrong i didn't steal your Boyfriend :)

&Just When You Start To Smile And Hope...

That everything is going to be okay, the whole world comes...

rashing Down On You Yet Again</3

& thanks for helping me come to realize
that bestfriends don't have to hangout
on a regular basis & talk on the phone
for hours on end to be close. because
at the end of the day, bestfriends are
the people who are there when it
matters the most & wont dare leave
your side <3
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