Quotes added on Sunday, September 6 2009

i hate that i never see you
i hate that i never speak to you
& when i do it doesn't last long
i hate that we can't keep a conversation going
like how we somehow used to be able to
i hate that we have to always be talking
not just silent on the phone
i hate how you don't want to talk to me
when i have nothing to say
i hate that you make your facebook status
"idk" but you tell me nothing is wrong
even when your acting really strange
i hate how you don't offer to pay anymore
and how you don't care about what we do
& how you don't get mad when i say i don't care
i hate how you can tell i'm upset, but don't seem to care
& how you don't try to cheer me up when i'm down
i hate how you don't tell me you love me 
ever second you had the chance in the adorable little voice
& i hate how we're changing & breaking apart.


100 Reasons to Love Harry Potter
The teachers are awesome!
(Except for Quirrel, Umbridge, Snape and Trelawney)

So yesterday my cat was playing around in the kitchen.
My pickle jar fell over and she ATE IT!
is it just me, or do all those quotes seem like cliches  ...until the events they describe actually happen?
100 Reasons to Love Harry Potter
Lucius Malfoy gets pwned by a house elf!

he put me through hell;

&he (k-n-o-w-s] it too.
that's why he can't
talk to me like he
used to.
100 Reasons to Love Harry Potter
It's romance, adventure, suspense, mystery all in one series!
I know that no one can have a perfect life.
But to me, it seems like everyone does, except for me.

The only thing I have ever wanted was for someone to love me.
And everytime I felt like I got what I asked for, they leave. Forever.

Girl:Dad! Where's the
computer ? I need to work

on my homework.
Dad: Your mother has it.
Girl: Mom? Where are you?
Mom: In the kitchen.
Girl: Mom can you please
get off facebook so I can
do my homework ?!

parents and facebook
are a bad combination!
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