Quotes added on Tuesday, September 8 2009

Everythinq becomes RAGE when he says "it's over" w. No hesitation You just wish you cud rip his face off through the phone . And feed it to the next qirl in his destination . LOL

you can say you don't miss me,
i think about you everyday.
we didnt have to s a y

*ughh i wish i was a little girl agaiin:\

life is like,
         art without an eraser.

 And The Egyptians died because...
they were [sitting] in the sun to long
and got all
I think the easiest way too loose something

is | to | want | it | so | badly

people change and forget to mention it.</3

i love how you act like i still love you.
boy dont you know, already im gone.

not my fade*
as far as i know,
the quotes mine.

Last Night,
I couldnt sleep so I tried listening to my Ipod
half way through the first song it completely [died]
so I tried imanging what it would be like if Taylor Lautner was my boyfriend<3
Lets just say...
Mamma had some good dreams last night.(:

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