Quotes added on Wednesday, September 9 2009

You all know the phrase "Smile, it's the end of the world"
Now you know the reason I smile is

Does your quote have secret ninja powers??
Didn't think so.
I fall so fast its sad,
I fall so hard its true,
But I can't help the fact
I'm still in love with you

Your eyes shine so brightly,
Your smile's the very best,
I need some way to tell you,
I need to get this off my chest.

But you see, I can't tell you,
I'm afraid of getting heart broken,
I wish you felt the same way too,
But things aren't accomplished by words unspoken
a man falls in love.
through   his   eyes, 
a woman
through   her   ears.
A cracked open soul,
That refuses to die.
To weak to keep going,
Yet too strong to cry.
Another hurt soul,
That hides it’s tears.
No parents to love,
And hated by peers.
The Lover was hurt,
The Hater was cracked.
And one made up,
For what the other lacked.
Closer than close,
They became friends,
But ‘Friend’ turned to love,
The bond never ends.
He’s so naïve,
The Lover’s a child.
He gives the Hater,
A reason to smile.
So hidden away,
The Hater is scared.
It reassures the Lover,
That his fears are shared.
They can’t let it go,  
Though they’d meet again later.
But the Hater missed the Lover,
And the Lover missed the Hater
She goes outside
In the pooring rain
But yet her match
Still has a flame
he doesnt trust me
he never will
he loves me to death
but i love his friend still

he soo over protective
when i leave he calls
i wish he trusted me but he doent\
he never will
so i"ll prolly fall
until the day im set free
i wish that he would just let me be
Really loving someone means their happiness is the most important thing to you, even if you're not a part of it.
As long as your happy, I'm happy:
The truth is, in the end no one will be happy,
because in reality the thing that makes you happy,
is probably the thing that will make you both happy;
But were probably both to scared to admit it.Y

Credit, mineeee.
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