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And I COULD Tell You ;
his  favoite color is green he loves t o [a r g u e ] born on the 17th ; ;
His sisters beautiful he has his  f ather's  eyes  a n d i f-
you asked  m if i loved him (i'd lie) *-•------------•-
its like he saved me from a bad place
 only    to    put    me    in    a    much    worse    one.
Don't you hate it when . . .

You see the cutest outfit ever at the mall and then the next day you see the girl you hate wearing it?
Don't you hate it when . . .

Your ex-best friend goes with "the populars" and she starts liking all the same things they do, even though last month she absolutely hated all those things and the people she now calls her new best friends?
Don't you hate it when . . .

Your having one of the worst days of your life and you can't find your iPod?
Don't you hate it when . . .

You hear the best song ever on the radio on your way to school and then when you get home you find out that you forgot the name of the song?
Don't you hate it when . . .

The girl in your class that comes to school high and makes out with all the guys in the hallways never gets in trouble and then you chew gum and get detention?
Don't you hate it when . . .

You have a date planned with your boyfriend so you go and get a new outfit and paint your nails and make sure your hair is perfect and then he calls an hour before the date and says he can't go?
Don't you hate it when . . .

There is a new episode of your favorite show on so you plan your schedule around it and then when it is five minutes before the show starts your mom tells you you have to go to the store with her?
Don't you hate it when . . .

You are insanely tired and when you finally get to bed you can't sleep at all?
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