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fabulousfades request
-made by Sian

{{___So i could remember that feeling i used to get when you signed in.
{{___So   i  could  say   you're   wrong  when  you  say  you   broke  me.

i can't help myself
made by sian

I Never Believed Fairy Tales Came True;;
------------------------------------------->But now i know that they really do<-------------------------------------     
{And  know  that  i  found  you  and  now  that  i'm  here  with  you,  just   look   at   the  sunshine.   and   you}
Showed me a world that I'd never seen~  I woke up and fell into this  dream,  Happily ever after just took time...
Once    Upon   This   Broke  Heart   Of   Mine.

So they knew you were the last thing going through my mind.

Try To Help You Out Through The Hardest Of Times
Your heart is in your throat and i'm speaking my mind.

Hae Guys, i know that this is a quote place but i need help.

So theres this guy in one of my classes at school and me and him have been talking quiet alot in class lately and now i like him but ive also found out that one of my best mates likes him, even tho she has NEVER spoke to him and he dosent know who he is.

SO she found out that i like him and now shes cause this whole big dramatic typical teenage girl thing about it and told me that i cant make a move cause she wants him rah de rah and said that i have really bad luck when it comes to guys so this one isnt going to be any different.

Not being mean to her but she dosent stand a chance with him and i dont think i do either, but i dont know what to do about it, please help me =].
yeah, he's the reason for the
Teardrops on My Guitar
the only one who's got enough of me to break my heart.

l of this is all that I can take
And you could never understand the demons that I face
So go ahead and bat your eyes and lie right to the world
For with everything you are, you're just a little girl

Shut the Front Door! (;

sorry if you don't get it.
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