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top & stare
i think i'm moving but i go nowhere
y e a h i know that everyone gets scared
but i'll become (what i can't be)
o h  s t o p a n d s t a r e
you  start  to  wonder  why  you're
h e r e  ,   n o t   t h e r e
&     you'd give anything to get what's fair
but  fair  ain't  what  ya  really  need
oh,  can  you  see  what  i  see?


you sit there in your
h e a r t a c h e
w a i t i n g  o n  s o m e
beautiful boy
to save you from  your old ways
Today is a day for sadness,
for we lost two towers on this day,
someone had it in for us,
only we didnt know what to say,
all we could do is watched as we got attacted,
we watched the two towers go down staight down,
but we would have never thought we would be attacted on our ground again, 
since being at pearl harbor fighting for ours alias,
we couldn't do nothing on 9/11/01 cause the towers were doomed and we were soon left with none.

Watched a documentary that was acctualy supposed to be about a rookie firemen, but they caught the footage of the planes crashing into the buildings.  It actually changed my whole perspective on life.

got bored with colors no jocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  =]
H A T E R S;

Obsessers in Denial
 ā˜¼ you're my sunshine
 on a rainy day

she looked at him & said,
"it hurts picturing you & her,
i thought i could be your friend,
but i cant.
im sorry."

Mine .
- NotYours_x

I thought love conquers all
even the distance between us
but im no so sure
my day isnt complete without talking to you
even tough we talk everyday, it is not the same
you say you love me a million times
but it doesnt sound as meaningful
as when you tell it to me in person
i remember,
i remember our last night together
everything went perfect
the movie, pizza, our friends
it was so much fun
and when watching the movie
while lying in your arms
all i could think of was
how much i was gonna miss this
i know i will see you in the future
but even tomorrow is too far away
i thought about breaking up with you
because its tearing me apart
not being with you
maybe stop thinking about you
would be the best for both of us
but its impossible to do that
everywhere i go in this empty town
reminds me of you
the island, where we spend our skipped classes
the pier, where you first tried to kiss me
the restaurant, where we just smiled at each other
our friends, talking about all those times,
the bus, where i was sleeping on your shoulder
even itouches remind me of you
those busrides playing games together
laughing, teasing,
o my , i miss those days
and it never will be the same
i have no idea what you're doing there across the ocean
but i trust you, and i hope you tell me everything
the first time i had my webcam on
i saw the sparkle in your eyes when you saw me
for the first time in weeks,
i almost cried,
cause from that moment i knew that you cared about me,
when i was up late to talk to you,
you wanted me to get a good night sleep
and when i was feeling sick,
you wanted me to go to the docter right away
man, i miss you
as a friend and as my soulmate
i know we will never make it in the future,
i know that,
things like that just wont work out,
but i have a lot of good memories that i cherish forever,
and i hope i one day find someone like you
while writing this,
im crying; i didnt want you to go,
and i would walk a thousand miles,
just to be with you tonight .

- I miss my (boy)friend soooo much.
hope for the best and expect the worst ; life's not a movie, it's all unrehearsed.
W h a t   a r e   y o u...


Don't you hate it when . . .

On your profile where you can get dead roses and real roses somebody leaves you a rose with a message that makes you think that they actually know you in real life but they didn't say their name so you will never know?
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