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Happiness Is Like A Butterfly;
the more you chase it, the more it will elude you
but if you turn your mind to other things, it will
come and sit softly on your shoulder.

people with + size jeans shouldnt wear spandex
This quote does not exist.
I  hate  your  smile  with  a  passion. Your
smile makes her smile.      It puts her in a
good mood.    I hate anything that makes
her happy. And I hate your smile because

it's  not  for  me

Yeahh, Hes My Ex

But Beforee That..
Beforee Eveythinqq
He Was My BestFriend<3
Ndk He Still Finds Me In Dhe
Halls And Runs Up To Me
Ndk Huqs Me
And iStill Call Him At 3 In
Dhe Mornininq When iHave
A Niqhtmaree
Peoplee Often Ask
"Are Yu Guys Still Goinq Out"
-Maybee Its Causee Our Huqs
Tend To Lastt For 20 Minutes
Or Causee He Sometimes Holds My Hand
iAlways Replyy
"Noopee, Hes Just My BestFriendd<3"

Out of the twenty-two-hundred faces in our school i look forward to seeing just yours
ery single day

w o r d s a r e f l y i n g o u t l i k e
[ endless rain into a paper cup ]
they slither while they pass   \\   they slip away
across   the   universe
pools of sorrow / waves of joy
are drifting thorough my open mind
possessing  &  caressing  me
Today, my friend and I were arguing and shouting insults at each other. Angrily, I yelled, "I hope your children are born muggles!" She stopped dead and looked absolutely crest-fallen. I think we know who won. MLIA
its the day
that h o p e    turned into     d e f e a t
that confidenseturnedtoscaredness
that  happiness turned to  saddness
its the day that everyone will remeber
a n d     w i l l     n e v e r     f o r g e t
* n i n e   -  e l e v e n  -  o h  -  o n e *

god bless <3
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