Quotes added on Sunday, September 13 2009

& its that one converstaion that i never wanted to see
that you don't like me.
you like the girl that stole my friends guy. now mine.
thanks alot<|3





major ventD:

make pretty i guess


Can't  You
ll I'm

                                                      _Beautiful_Disaster_ Check her out n_n All Credit to her :P
they say to follow your heart
but my heart is lost
and needss a gps
you're all i want.
and you're all i need.

simply mine m'dears
credit if taken.

i need you
love is just a h o a x, love is just a l i e, i never knew a word as painful as g o o d b y e..
i'm out of breath right now
from running after you
please slow down</3
because when im cold
i w e a r y o u r s w e a t s h i r t.
&+__when im sad, i listen to the

::: playlist entitled your name
when i have a bad day___;
y-o-u-r-e t-h-e f-i-r-s-t o-n-e i I-M.
&when the day is good;
-----------------------you bet its because of you.
& im worried i cant handle myself
on my own...

    (just seeing him smile)
   xat somthing i said
    ♥made my whole

Him: Hey, I have a question.

Her: Alright, shoot.

Him: Who do u like?

Her: Just someone..

Him: Seriously, who?

Her: I'll give you a hint, he makes me smile everyday,
and tells me that I'm g o r g e o u s constantly. He gives
me hugs when I'm upset, and lets me (cry on his shoulder).
He never fails to make me laugh, and is always there.
He's like my best friend, but he means more to me then that.

Him: Wow, I thought I was the only one who does those things.

Her: You are<3.


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