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Worst fear: DEATH

[i've been thinking a lot about this. like, death n stuff. just cause of one dream. Because i am atheiest(don't hate me i have friends who are religious) but im so scared of my loved ones and me dying. oh god it just freaks me out. i need someone to talk to but im afraid if i tell my friends they'll make fun of me. I'm trying to get my dad to stop smoking cigs and he said he will so thats good. im still scared]
i am so in love with you 
`---->> icould swear that  everytime you IM or 
text me, that my heart
» [ skips ]  a  b e a t 

&&its not about the 11:11 wishes anymore;
if its fate, it'll happen</3

What she wants is not real
She wants them to love her for her
To make her feel the way she wants to feel
She wants to say "I can, I can"

But all she gets is "You can't, you can't"
Her heart is broken Torn at the seem
They have brought her down to her lowest state.
She wants to cry!  She wants to scream!

She can't take it Anymore!!!!
She pulls the gun up to her head.
Screams "I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's dead.
And Rachel runs in, sobbing her eyes out, she throws her bookbag down, as she runs up the stairs;
Heading for her room, her one [hiding place]
As she's about to s l a m the door,
A hand stops her.
She looks up, from her red puffy eyes, to see her mother.
"Mom.." She starts;
Her mother just shakes her head, and puts her arms around her, gently pulling her downstairs, unto the sofa,
"He just wants to be friends, He's in love with the cheerleader, how am I supposed to-"
"I want to tell you a story,"
A soft voice cuts her off, as she reaches under the table pulling out an old dusty book.
She lay it in her lap, as she flips through the pages,
She stops on one, tracing a young mans face with her finger..
"This is your father, 35 years ago." She says, a smile slightly spreading across her face.
Rachel looks up at her mother, "I dont get it, how does this help me?"
Her mother looks her in the eyes, as she replies quietly;
"High school is famous for its heartbreaks, end of the world days, jerks you cant believe you went out with, memories,  maybe a regret or two, but then there's that one guy..
He'll trip over his feet, he'll hit his head on his locker, he'll say he wants to be
"He'll forever be more."
 i don't want a fling; 
i want the real thing
S o m e T i m e s;
I put on my sunglasses so I can hide the tear stains,
Because since the second you left,
m y s a n i t y w e n t w i t h y o u.
&& Im falling apart here,
My dear, come home.
For all those girls who feel down.......
Always remember you're......................

kolorful :)
valuable :P
xtra awesome!
yappy (like happy but wtha y)
zawesome! :P

:.~.:so i guess what we had was just a summer thing:.~.:
♥ when you held my hand
♥ when you kissed me.
♥ all those times you huged me and held me close
♥ when wrapped my arms around you and rested my head on your shoulder.
♥ when we stayed up all night talking to eachother.
♥ when i poured my heart out to you, and you listened.
♥ when you sat with me on the beach.
♥ when you said i was pretty.

:.~.: i guess it wasnt real :.~.:
 I hang on to his every little word

S o   I    g u e s s    I ' m a    c h i l l    o u t
H a e    a    d r i n k   o r    t o ...
A n d   b r i n g    a n o t h a    b o y    h o m e ..
And wish  he was You.
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