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That boy
was amazing, truly unique.and i wanted him.
i tried my hardest to make him see me and hopefully, love me
. there were times when i wanted to give in but i knew he was worth
it so i kept on trying. i'm glad to say i now am dating my summer crush,
I win

so      you      call    me     and     a p o l o g i z e ,
then while i'm crying to my friend on the phone,
you     text    me    and     tell     me    your     sorry
for   all   the     lies and bullshit     you   told   me
w h e n   w e  w e r e   on the phone -> just now,
and better yet, you told me you cheated on me.
the     s e c o n d      day     we      even     dated.
so after everything  are you   telling me   i mean
nothing to you? n e v e r   h a v e   - never will   ?
you just like messing with me.    you like to see
me cry,  w e l l   l e t   m e   t e l l   y o u   w h a t .
thats sick.   thats  sick   you  would   even think
about        doing         that         to          someone
i have been crying for four days   -> s t r a i g h t,
and then you do this? thats  not  even right  bud
so what did i ever do to deserve this?    oh yeah
thats right,  nothing.    you told me    'i dated you'
thats what i did  w r o n g ?   well you led me on
for nine months. how about that? so your going
to tell me  its  just  m y  fault !?   no  sweetheart,
im a f r a i d it's really not. you didn't just hurt me
you  t o r e  me down,  broke me,  destroyed me
and  now  your  going  to make   e v e r y t h i n g
ten million times worse.         x          x               x
i     can't     help      but      n o t     talk   to    you,
b e c a u s e           i             l o v e              y o u
but i hate you. so much.  how can you do this to
someone, you really just like to  h u r t   me dont
you.     your heartless.     and you know what   ?
i'm going  to feel so horribly bad for the    n e x t
girl you do this to. -> because nobody deserves
this.    y o u   d o n ' t   t r e a t   a   g i r l  like this.

yeah horrible right?
tell that to him :|

if I had to choose between loving you and
then I would use my last breath to tell you that
I Love You
You don't know what it takes
to walk through the halls at school
acting like everything's just fine

You don't know how it's like
cause everything's wrong
and behind that smile is a girl screaming to get out.

You don't know how it feels
to be completely [in love] with someone
and can't tell them, scared to be ||rejected
No. you really don't know, and i doubt you ever will.

You don't know how it feels

sorry if it doesnt make sense. just a stupid vent.

its good to know im not the only person on here at 6:30 in the morning
If you l o v e somebody, set them free
If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they n e v e r were
 Only in America
 can pizza orders arrive at your house faster than an ambulance


Oh why'd you have to be so cute?
It's impossible to ignore you

|I ' m   d o n ,  I ' m   t h r o u g h |
i'm     sick     of     all     this
i     thought     it     was     love
with     our     very     first     kiss
|I'm | sick | of | the | pain|
and     all     of     the     crying
and     when     I     act     strong

|o n   t h e   i n s i d e   I ' m   d y i n g <\3|

If my life was easy...
...where will all the adventures be?
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