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Love can be different things.
Love can be freindship.
Love can be family love.
Love can be finding him.

"I want a relationship i can finally sink my teeth into"

"People don't play sports because it's fun. Ask any athlete, most of them hate it,
 but theycouldn't imagine their life without it. It's part of them, the hate/love relationship.
It's what they live for. They live for the practices, parties, cheers, long bus rides, invitationals,
countless pairs of different types of shoes, water, Gatorade, & coaches you hate but appreciate.
They live for the way it feels when you beat the team next to you by 1 point in overtime, & you know
those 2 extra sprints you ran in practice were worth it. They live for the way you become a family
with your team, they live for the countless songs you sing in ur head when your running ALL those suicides.
They live for the competition, they live for the friends, the practices, the memories, the pain, it's who they are.
It's who we are."

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quotes obviously not mine...take it...
I took a chance, I took a shot
And  you  might  think  I'm  bulletproof     ♥     but  I'm  not
You   took   a   swing    ♥    I   took   it   hard
// And down here from the ground, I see who you are \\
I'm   sick   and   tired   of   your   attitude
I'm    ♥   feeling   ♥   like   ♥   I      don't     know      you
You tell me that you love me      //      then cut me down
A n d I n e e d y o u l i k e a   h e a r t b e a t
(_.·´¯`·×» But I know you got a mean streak
»     Makes me run for cover when you're around     «

And here's to you and your temper    /   yes, I remember what you said last night
And I know that you see ** what you're doing to me
T e l l    m e    w h y

*A  N  G  I  E

-Cobra Starship.

you'll never have to

r e m e m b e r  a n y t h i n g .
i never felt this way.
for a second i actually thought something was wrong with me. 
i talked to my bestfriend about it
(she didnt undersatnd)
so i listend to miley cyrus and taylor swift for about an hour

they told me i fell in love.♥ 
ell. ohh. vee. ehh
----> is just
another word
I'll n e v e r learn

isn't the filling of a pail,    
but the lighting of a fire. 
getting sick of the kanye west quotes?
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