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(541): my math teacher staples burger king applications to failed tests.
(texts from last night)
 before you judge a girl::

walk a mile wearing a tampon with a broken heart 

and see whos the tough one the
(215): i just got kicked out of Barns and Nobles cuz i put all the bibles in the fiction section..
(texts from last night)
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I honestly don’t get how we both sat there spilling our heart aches and deepest inner thoughts to each other one day then the next we are complete strangers. Every day I wonder if you remember all those long sob stories I told you at 2 o' clock in the morning or did those get lost somewhere along with our friendship??


every   time   you   kiss   my   neck,   i   get   goose   bumps     all     over     my    body.

I can't wait to see you
and hug you tight
I want to see in my sight

You were always there for me
but then I left
I'm sorry I did
I should have gotten F's

I would have failed
and seen you everyday
But I didn't
and now I won't till may

You were the best
and when I was around you
It was hard for me to take a breath

I konw that I miss you
and I know you don't miss me
but thats the way it has to be
There are certain people // you just keep coming back to
xɜ she is right in front of you ɛx
you begin to wonder • could you find a better one?
compared to her now she's in ((*question*))
&+ 4LL 4T 0NC3 TH3 CR0WD B3GiNS T0 SiNG
sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing
are the same
maybe you want her
maybe y
ou need her
maybe you started to compare

her to someone not there..</3
Just close your eyes, and count down from ten. It will all be over then.
The world doesn't matter.(: 

 But remember you have to open your eyes sometime, and that's when the pain just begins.
I couldn't use 3,It reminded me when I said that number to you every day, along with that valuable < 
These Tears just keep flowing

And I want it all to end

I don't want to live anymore,

And I just need someone to talk to.
When People say "Jocking"
&& They Hate the people who "steal"
There Quotes, I myself dont "jock"
But come on; Once You put "Your" Quote out there,
its for anyone, You havent Copyrighted it,
So please stop with the no jocking,
just be flattered that someone wants to
pretend your quote is all theres,
People, we have more important things to worry about

Come on now

Jock all you want;)
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