Quotes added on Wednesday, September 23 2009

And you never write me letters,
and you never sent my sweaters
so I could stay warm
when I was without you
© © © © © ©

Will there ever be a moment in my
life when I'm not missing anyone?

~~~> take my
if you like the beat
 hey im really new at this can anyone tell me |comment| how to do all of the fades ect,


&& I will leave under the cover
Of summers kiss upon the sky
like the storm face of your lover
Just before she says goodbye
I was thinking that the season
could be held between my arms
But just as summer’s hold is fleeting
I was here and now Im gone ©©
last night i dreamt you were with me
finally i could breathe.
don't cry 
because its over .

smilee* because 

happend <|3

not mine *
on the stairs, she grabs my arm, says whats up,
where you been, is something wrong?
i t r y t o j u s t s m i l e , a n d s a y,
everything's fine.

{ © ã
he says he's so in love,
he's finally got it right,
I wonder if he knows he's
all I think about at night.

do your nights feel incomplete without our phone calls?
m i n e            d o .
and do your eyes feel like they're burning out of your skull?
m i n e             t o o .
is it just our little routine that we're missing so bad?
or is it the fact that we're both losing the
best friend that we ever had?

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