Quotes added on Thursday, September 24 2009

do you ever get that feeling...
where your eyes start to gloss over, you get the urg
to text him, call him, email him or whatever and scream
to him about how much you miss him and love him
do you have that hurt in your heart when you creep his
facebook and see other girls writing on his wall, when you
can't even smile because the hurt is too much to handle
yeah well thats called having 
a    b r o k e n   h e a r t *
I'm the type of girl who
can take a little pain
listens to screamo
cries when it's needed
laughes as much as possible
and lives
because of him<3
can't live without her bestfriend
and doesn't take a n y t h i n g
for granted!
so go and tell you're friends that i'm

o b s e s s i v e & c r a z y;

that's fine, i'll tell mine

y o u ' r e  g a y

i love taylor swift.
she always knows exactly how i'm feeling.
lazy colors. oh well :)


-Jason, the quote genius. lmfa
o x3


when you stay up late finishing a 
homework assignment just to 
find out that it's not due the next day

live ♥      laugh ♥      love
                                you're life to it's                                      at all the things that                                      with all that you
                                                    f  u  l  l  e  s  t                                             d  o  n  '  t   m  a  t  t  e  r                                     h  a  v  e   &   m  o  r  e
when something is broken and 
decides to fix itself RIGHT 
when you try to show 
your problem to someone else.

Love gives people the power to b r e a k you

-->And alI ever am is a one night stand<--

Guess she don't do it like me or else you wouldn't be
Runnin' back to the past it was you that left me
I hate to say it but you know I'm right,
Everytime you're up be callin' for me late at night.

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