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  him: hey
  her: hey watsup
  him:  can i ask you a question?     
: sure, ask away

excitement built up inside her. maybe this was it. maybe this was THE question. the one that she'd been waiting forever for him to ask. the one that would make them official. the one that would prevent her from having to call herself 'single'. 
  him: for the sandwiches im making, did you want fluff on yours? 
: ummm... ya sure, fluff sounds great.

crushed, yet again.  
she knew she needed to stop having such high expectations whenever he wanted to ask her a question, but she couldn't help thinking that maybe someday he would change his mind. and that someday he would love her back.

What would have happened if I had stayed?
If I hadn't given up.
If I hadn't told God "I quit."
If I hadn't hurt everyone.

If I had stayed, maybe things would have gotten better.
Maybe my 'friends' wouldn't have hated me anymore.
Maybe my parents would have stopped fighting.

But then again...
Maybe things would have gotten worse.
Maybe my 'friends' would have hated me even more.
Maybe my parents would have fought even more.

So I know I made the right choice.
Even if I did give up.
Even if I did tell God "I quit."
Even if I did hurt everyone.

But at least now I'm happy.

Love is like a game of monopoly.

You can have one last dollar, and own the smallest, cheapest house..


But sooner or later someone is about to land on it..


&& when they do, charge them interest.


Because if you don't,


They are likely to not pay you at all..


And then you will end up loosing the game.


Don't copy thanks. All mine.
You say you wanna take me out
Then you ignore me
Boy which is it do you
hate or adore me?
Make up your mind && if you can't decide;;
Watch me wave

original <333 don't be jocking, or if you do credit plz.

&+ I still Get those Stupid Butterflies In  the pit of my stomach whenever you're around. I can't really help it... I just can't find a big enough Fly Swatter!

Kinda lazy right now... Haha, But rate and comment plz!! (;

 And The Funny Thing Is.

 Even after all you put me through.. I can't find a thing wrong with you.

Don't steal. Mine.

 So she slipped on a pair of old, stretched out socks,
    her   f u z z i e s t   flannel pants,
and the biggest sweatshirt she owned.

She took one last look in the mirror,
at the   s c a t t e r e d   girl starring  back  at her.

Then she  climbed  into bed,
pulled the covers up over her ears to block out the world,
and      c r i e d      h e r s e l f      t o     s l e e p

i t  ×  w i l l 
     ×   a l s o   ×
           b e  ×  t h e
                 ×  d a y  ×  
                   × i ' m   
            g e t t i n g  ×
         o v e r   × 
y o u  ×  < 3

I've never felt this way before
But with someone like you, it makes sense.
And I don't wanna go,
I'll stay with you forever just as long
as you love me too,
just as long as you love me too.


I know I suck.
boys are like stars .. // *

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