Quotes added on Saturday, September 26 2009

 &&Today, I finally got over you.
        You weren't worth it.
let's just drink to get drunk,
and tell each other everything.
for a drunkin mind ;
speaks a sober heart

      the thing i hate about myself
               is that i always
              fall to hard to fast.

&& Today, I crossed your name off all my notebooks. 
I changed my ringtone that was "our song". 
Ate the chocolate bar I was going to give you.
Deleted those locked text messages from you.

     a  best friend is the one
      u trust with your life.

       I love you
       I loveD you.
  Funny how one letter
can make such a difference.

Yoseem as though the way act is wrong..
act this way becausI don't neeyouAPPROVAL

   You like her now.
   And im okay with that.
You'll get what you deserve.
    And i'll be saying..

Do you ever feel like,
we could have been something more than,
just friends...?

    if  you   L O V E  something,

    s  e  t      i  t     f  r  e  e.

                                  if it doesn't come back,

hunt it down and 

           k i l l   i t .

  no joking please?

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