Quotes added on Sunday, September 27 2009

a bunch of friends and i were  in the car
we were listening to the radio and singing
"i gotta feeling" when we look over
we see a woman dancing and lip singing 
the same lyrics; i felt like we bonded.



to taking chances?
W h a t   d o   y o u   s a y   t o   j u m p i n g

Off the edge?

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to die one day?
And look on
And see who misseyou?
And who was happy you were gone?
To see who couldn'handle it?
To see who downright didn'care?
And who you never thought would miss you that actually did?
To see who attends your funeral?
To see who follows because they miss you smuch?
Or do you wish you could hear what everyone says about you?
Behind your back?
To your friends?
What yours friends SAY?
I wonder, I wish
I might never know
or I'll know tosoon...

 When we were little kids, we used to sit on the swing set together saying forever was forever;
& we were going to get married and have a family of our own. You used to say I love you,
it meant the world to me! Now when you say it, it's doesn't mean anything because you found someone knew and I'm just the dust in the wind. I love you doesn't mean anything to you, as it did when we were little!

guy: Do you work at UPS?

girl: no...

guy: oh, i could've swarn i saw you checking out my package:)

HAHAHAH! my friend and my fave pick up line<3

she's confused;
she thinks she's in love
but at the same time she remembers parts of her past
she left everything behind one summer
but did she make the right choice?
did she even have a choice?
she thinks she's in love
but is it a lie?
the truth is she misses him like hell now
and there's no way to get him back. . .


comes straight from my heart :'[
            DO IT TODAY ;         
because tommorow it might be illegal (:
 looklikthat girl
fell asleep *hugging* her


A player never stops being a player;
They just change their game.
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