Quotes added on Monday, September 28 2009

 I've been falling more and more.... then you brought me right back up

   i was lookin' up at
   the stars... nd giving
   them each a reason why
   i love you......
   i was doing great
   until i ran out of 

you have a choice.
you  can let  him destroy
or   you  can  get  up  and  fight
you better make a move boy
or she'll make one first...
she'll move on 

 haha love this
when i see you i get this rush ;;
my [ h e a d ] starts thumping, my [ h e a r t ] starts pumping,
my [ m i n d ]
spinning round, then you walk away and i fall
back down to the unforgiving ground.

story of my lifeeeeee. (:
We would look so good
             ----->> side by side <<-----

founnd on photobuckeet (:
I read your mind through every word you say, I feel where your pain is, I see how you deal with it, I hear why you are, I smell the love in your tears,so I taste who you are, and I love who that is. 

 There's really 7 senses. Most people only feel 5,some have learned the 6th,
but I'm one of the only that knows the 7th, But all I know of it is that it isn't real.(: 

that spend  forever getting ready just to go get
the mail.
the ones that  always have a  smile
on their face because they want him to see that
beautiful  smile. 
the ones that love  the  same
boy  up until he is finally single.
the ones  that
think  their  lives  going to  end because  they
didn't  see  eachother   one  day  in  school.
&+ the ones that have the bestest friends everr<3

dedicated ; caitlin amber zaslaw . ♥
the dirty looks
   the j.e.a.l.o.u.s. stares
            the funny thing is
i d.o.n.t.care
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