Quotes added on Thursday, October 1 2009

        boy, I can't wait forever..
Today were watching sum girls practice singing for the year 12 assembly
Wen we looked to the back of the hall all we culd see was two legs poking out the orange wheely bin then the guy that was in the bin was  eating an apple when he got back out. he said he dropped his phone but we really no he got the ap
ple out of the bin so he culd eat it
.....Tasha && Katlyn....

I feel really lame
Just sitting here on aim hoping that maybe tonight
will be different & you'll talk to me 

Every time you hold in a fart, you're that much closer to killing a baby!

*.))*.((there's no way to

e x p r e s s

_________how much

i l
ove you
K@Tl¥n ß@ß!E

& she's just one of those girls;
who's afraid of
- Afraid of falling too hard.
& The truth is:
Sometimes I miss you so bad;
It Hurts.
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