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 i'm thkind of girl__*
that can watch tons of horror movie
& not get scared 
but scream at the top of my lungs
when the toast pops out of the 


It sounds the same no matter who's mouth it comes out of.

"If you love them let them go because if you're meant to be together faith will find a way to bring you back together."

But of course it's up to the two of you to find a way to stay together.

≈It never hurts any less.≈

Can I really stop you from copying this?

H  O  N  E  S  T  L  Y,
I wanna get close to you and I wanna get to know you,
the REAL you. but I know that's not the right thing to do.
I'll just create more feelings towards you. . .

& I'll end up chasing something that isn't even there.
refuse to put myself in a position which
allows someone else the ability to hurt me.
On November 11th of 2011, it will be 11/11/11.
And on 11:11, I will make the ultimate wish.


Today I saw my friends from my old school
I stood outside with an umbrella, cold and lonely, felling like a tresspasser
I stood there waiting for the bell to ring
Before I turned around to look for them,
I was being swarmed with hugs
My two best friends hugged me so hard i dropped my umbrella
Then walking with my best friends i was swarmed with hugs from my other friends
We all sat talking and making our good old crazy jokes
They gave me the greatest feeling of happiness,
Friends seem to have a secret touch which can make everyday spent with them
feel like the day is the greatest ever.
The feeling is indescribable.

Thanks guys
I love you soo much

You got a piece of me
And honestly,
My life my life would
suck without you 
-Kelly Klarkson

"Your {words} rip and tear, and
through my heart so weak and pure."
-April Sixth <3
This is what the world is for,
"making *electricity*" 

                  - MGMT
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