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 There's. No. Place. I'd. Rather. Be. 
Than In Your Arms
you talk to me on the computer alot.
you asked who i like.
you had a feeling who it was.
you got my hints.
you found out it was you.
you acted happy.
you acted excited.
you told me who you liked.
you said it might be you.. with a winkie face
you couldn't believe i didn't believe you.
you made sure i knew it was true.
you got my hopes up.
you said i was cool and pretty.
you said you actually liked me.
you like another girl too.
you like her cuz she's skinnier and prettier.
you go to the same school as her.
you actually have heard her voice more then once.
you have come in contact with her numerous amounts of times.
you tell me when you think someone is hot even if they are my friends.
your popular.
your cute.
your hot.
you also like when she comments on your page(which she does alot)
you have a feeling she likes you too.
i'm always being dissapointed.
i'm never the lucky one.
i have only been in one relationship.
i have never told a boy i liked him before by myself.
i have never felt this sick to my stomach before.
i miss you.
your also a liar,
and now i'm broken

totally from the hear. please don't take </3
he said to me
: I love you baby <3 ur so pretty :
so i said
*thanks ur really adorable (: <3 oh & i love yuu too*
i seriously hope he means it
becuase i dont wanna get hurt again

truuee storry!
comment andd fave<3
liars always lie.
cheaters always cheat.
beggers always beg
and you'll never be with me.
i told you;
you didn't listen;
and now i'm the one who has to pay.
 When you're all alone

Is it me you think of, when times
get rough and you need a hug?

Is it me you think of, if you having
a bad day and need to smile?

Is it me you think of, when things
get wild and you need some space?

Is it me you think of, when you lips 
touch hers and her fingers run through your hair?

Is it me you think of, in your 
OUR. !
WAS __
When You Begin To Want Me Back...
You Let Me Go

Nerd Love
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