Quotes added on Sunday, October 4 2009

It might seem like i moved on...
but i didn't
It might look like i'm over you...
but im not
Every girl i see with you still hurts the same
as if you just stabbed me again with your loveless pain

I sit here and think of how we used to be...
It feels like my heart is being ripped out of my chest.
I thought we were supposed to be best friends...
Weren't we always supposed to be there for each other?
Where did everything go
Why do I fell like I can’t talk to you anymore...
My tears are falling but you’re not here to catch them
You don’t even know I feel like this…
I miss you.
I miss how we used to talk all the time.
Why do I feel like I’m being left behind?
If you don’t want to be friends anymore…
Tell me?!?
Because if I have to go on with our friendship like this:
I’m going to wind up ripping my heart out
&+ mailing all the little pieces to everyone I have ever loved.
We All Do Stupid Things When Where Drunk
Look at Kanye West

im not liking kanye west or hating him

Comment if you love justin

and your just that reason that i keep holding on when my world feels like its going to stop,
and everything is gonna come crashing down on me.
you give me that strength to keep holding on and to never give up. when i'm with you i have faith.
and i don't know how you do it, but its pretty unbelievable how one person can turn your world upside down and can make you feel so strong and powerful when you just felt so weak.  

its what you do to me.  <3

just venting.

why did you have to go?
when i need you so much right now
i wish you would come back
and you didn't leave 
i miss you so much 

why did you have to go so young?

R.I.P    H.M.
How Do You Hurt Lady Gaga?
Anwser : Poke Her Face !

Hahahaha.Not even funny but whatever, Lol.
I Wanna Be Over Him
But Then I See Him
I hide everything I want to say
I smile as if everything is oka

not mine, so true bout me though. and I did the edit.

I love you like a fat kid loves food

ehh not that good at fadess lol

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