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[In other words;]
I've met the Blonde cheerleader,
She's Not That Smart,
She wears Too Short Of Skirts,
&+ Too High Of Heels,
But all that really matters to me,
There'll be a new one of her out next week.
i wonder if he thinks about me when i don't text him.
You were the one to ...

stand by my side,

comfort me when i would cry.

You were the one to ...

help me through it all,

and never let me fall.

Now we are through

and i am so over you

i can finally move on

now that you are gone

I get in trouble almost every day for not paying attention in class, well i was thinking about you <3

Hey There whats up thanks for stopping by.
My name is Kristy and I would like to say Hi.
You must be a person with very good taste
So this chance of a life time you shouldn't waste
so check out my site you don't have to stay long






me: why is it soo flippin' hard to be mad at you?
you: because im your best friend


Three little birds
sat on my window
and told me I don't have to worry <3

And the destination is clear, Anywhere but here.

Doesn't matter that you're lying in the gutter,
doesn't matter that you're brains all cluttered.
Doesn't matter that you're covered in scars,
Your never in the gutter with you're eyes on the stars.
my prince charming is a United States Soldier

Credit to photobucket(:

I will say i hate the army, but i love my boyfriend (:
&& i only hate the army, because it can take him away from me.

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