Quotes added on Thursday, October 8 2009

 You can't brake my heart,
It melted when I met you.

I'm really sorry.
I  truly am.
Please forgive me.
I'm no longer happy.
Knowing that I caused this.
It's all my fault.
I'm told it's not.
I'm really sorry.
I miss you baby.
I love you for ever and ever.

no jocking please!
RIP i miss you and love you forever and ever and ever.
♦"Everything is going to be alright"♦
How can anyone know that?
What if it turns out to be

"It's never going to be alright?" <3

i wish i looked diffrent
i wish i was prettier
i want someone to care about me for me just like everyone else has someone
When you look at me you cant see the hurt in my eyes,
which makes it hurt even more.. to realize..
Baby i cant break my heart

If its already been broken 3 other times
and glued back together like nothing ever happend.
 i fall for boys too fast
When you see the fear and hurt in my eyes
and you dont even show care.

Ix Wonderx Ifx Youx Willx Everx Carex atx allx
the sad part is....he is never wanted to be around for her to really show if he caresXXX
Im really sorry baby.
I Love you so much
and i truely do.
our walks
our watching stars at night
i couldnt change that in a heart beat
I dont want things to go bad for us
I love just being with you.i choose you more over than my friends
i just want to stay in those arms of yours for a while baby.
i love my cuddle bear.
and i want you to love me as much as I do.
Will you hold my hand and never letgo,  
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