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im going to keep you
forever+for always <3


when something {{ life changing }} happens in your life,
YOU CAN'T           EXACTLY GRASP THAT    // ♥ 
nothing you do
is  e v e r  going to             //         be the same again.

 And you know your best friends
you have too many
[inside jokes]
to count!

he gi
lies down her bed, with her tissue box by her side.
she thinks to herself, "how can he do this to me.."
she also has her b e s t f r i e n d comforting her, saying,

"it will be okay."
but everyone knows it probably won't.
she closes her eyes, & wishes that a miracle will
appear, & didn't realize she was crying herself to sleep.

the bo
slams the door behind him.
he's all alone, already got the phone in his hand.
he enters a text to that girl,

"i'm so sorry, i want you to be my angel again.
you are my everything. i love you so much, & i hope
you know that. please answer.."

but somehow, he can't seem to send it, & knew she
would never forgive him after what he has just done to
her. he wants to beat himself up, but that wouldn't make
anything better.
he lies down on his bed, with his phone on his hand, &
says to himself

"hurting her was the farthest thing from my mind."

why did you come hear again
after doing what you did.
and now cuz of you
cuz of all that you do
i cant live without 

absouletly all mine! give me credit =)
she's dying to do something
U N E X P E C T E D :
but she's lived her whole life
]|[   on the safe side   ]|[
and she doesn't even know
where to start.

 are just the

all mine.
fave if you feel the same way
Why am i so obsessed i think its because i know i cant have you so I just keep dwelen on that fact and i am becoming obsessed with you...
I cant help it i am obsessed...

If i go up to you and touch you will you touch me back...i think you will and i think you know you want to...so stop lyingto yourself and touch me back...

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