Quotes added on Sunday, October 11 2009

 she strikes a pose and dies inside    
 she strikes a pose and dies inside    
            what a beautiful suicide

mine perhapps?
sorry if it's already on here.
it's the name of one of my fb albums.
and idk where i got it from.
said excuse me lil mamma
if i may,
take this though&+send it your way
i wanna be on you;)
"hey, you're cute."
wait, lemme stop there.  it's gonna be all downhill from here.

alll mine ;]
credito please :]
& I secretly LOVElosing my voice...
it gives me a reason to keep quiet.

^ Minee.
 kissing test
1.hold you breath
2.click add a quote
3. copy, paste, and change the color of "kissing test"
4. add this quote
5.good now ,if you did it without breathing you are a good kisser or your comuter is fast
&& am i the only
who when someone measures something in inches,
i instantly compare it to a subway sandwich ??

haha lmao .
all mine ; so proud :D
click the heart.
You came into my life;;
Now there's the door;;
Just walk right on out;;
Don't wanna see you anymore;;

I'm done with you're issues;;
They're no longer mine;;
I still cannot understand;;
How you're not getting the sign;;

I wanted you;;
You had your chance with me;;
You didn't want me back;;

It's your loss, buddy.

credit to me (:
This quote does not exist.
day in and day out,
all she does is sit and pout.
a sigh here, a fallen tear there.
all she does is sit and stare.
she waits all day,
and waits all night,
for him to come prove her right.
a simple jesture here,
a small hug there,
oh how she wishes it was fair.
just a kiss and nothing more
is all she wants from her hearts core.

day in and day out,
all she does is is and pout.
she loves him so,
but he just doesnt know,
just how much her love grows.
she waits all day,
and waits all night,
for him to smile so bright.
a little giggle here,
and a small chuckle there,
oh how much she doesnt care.
she's just so sad,
because of how she wants him so bad.

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