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oh yeah &,
I'll never stop loving you.


M Y  L I F I S  A K W A R D

It was the perfect night,
hand&hand, walking home..

She thought to her self "nothing can ruin this night"
and thats when it happend.

Boy: "I have to tell you something"
Girl: "ok..."
Boy:" I love you"
Girl: "*smiles* really cause I-"
Boy: "But this isnt going to work out~*~*"

Girl: * starts walking away*
Boy: "How can you just walk away from me?"
Girl: "Because" she said
"You showed me how"~*~*


I know you love me.
but just because I know. 
please don't stop showing it.
and saying those cute little things 
that make me                                    
fall in love with you even more...                 

credit for the quote to Kelsi Marie<3
I love this quote so much because it is so true.
And so this is the story of a girl~*`~*`~
living her fairy tale life.
with a reality ending.


very night she cries

And  x  dies  x  a  x  little  x  more  x  each  x  time
Say you love me
Nothing <    > left <    > inside
Say you love me
And x the x silence x will x set x her x free

[The Silence;;Mayday Parade]
Every girl wants a prince charming
and while he may be nice& all
i want a guy who will come up from behind
& put his arms around me& hold me
he'll whisper in my ear that he loves me.
a guy who'll lay awake at night, just thinking
about me. a guy who'll call me at
3:00am just to tell me how much he misses
me. he'd Come Over just after we got off the
phone because he wants to know how I am really
doing because I said i was fine; but we both
know i was lying. he'd kiss me & tell me
"everything's gonna be alright" he may not be
prince charming to anyone else, but in my eyes
he'd fit the part perfectly
not my quote :)
my edit


     -   Everytime he talks to me my   [(Heart)]  
skips a beat,
So why does something thats soo unhealthy feel sooo right?


All,me ! Don't jock,
i now realize why i cried over you for so many nights.
because when we broke up, it felt like i lost my best friend.
now that we talk like we are friends again, 
i have no feeling for you what so ever.
but. my. heart. is. now. put.
back. together. 
Don't believe a word he says
He's got a way of getting
What x he x wants x when x he x wants x it
From whoever's got it
And he'll break your heart if it's in his way

[Revved & Ready;;The Bigger Lights]
I changed the lyrics so they fit from a girl's perspective.
50th quote(:

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