Quotes added on Tuesday, October 13 2009


Stop making up ^ CRAP
------about me to other people
to make yourself
look better.

We all know that its a mask.

Because it was ME
who was your friend all along.

Get some
NEW friends, get a life

all mine

 strange oh so strange.
when it feels better being alone, 
you except there is nobody else
and set it in stone 



& &

Nobody has any idea whats behind that 
fake smile
she wears


"people change,
people drift away,
but i promise:
i'll always stay
the samee."


as soon as he saw her walk away,
with a tear-stained face, 
and her hands shaking,

he knew he went too far

&My LifE wOuLdNt  bE tHe sAmE wItH oUt ThE rAnDoMnEsS :}

I dont know what i'll do
if one day you just decide
you don't love me anymore

I hope you know that you are my

You, Me,Oxygen, and this EARTH
is all I would need....<3

Why did I smile when I hurt inside?
Said I was okay, when I knew it’s a lie.

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