Quotes added on Thursday, October 15 2009

i need your love <3
favv :) 

I just want one guy to hold me in his arms and say he'll never let me go,
kiss me in the rain and say he'll never let the water touch me,
ask me to be his and say he'll never leave me.

alll minnneee (: thought of this while i was singing  'so this is love'  from Cinderella.
Every step I take
Every move I make

           Every single day
            every time i pray

                                   I'll be missing you.


                                                          Think of the day
                                                   When you went away

                                                                          What a life to take
                                                                      What a bond to break

    I'll be missin
g you.

i miss youu so much big brother rip<3
Your my friend ,
you got my back 
through the good and bad

I could not live without you 
ily. <3 :)

 thankyou for everything :)
cuz w e dont even talk a n y m o r e

wont let you go- cristian alexanda
cateogory more of breakupish
but there lyrics :) 

        IT REALLY IS TRUE..                ...NO MATTER HOW MUCH                       IT HURTS
o nlythegooddieyoung.butyouweretoyoung
        I MISS             YOU SO MUCH PLEASE                             COME BACK.                              I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

i love you so much.
mine.. no jocking plz.

you can walk away
and try to claim
that none of this is real.

"Im pretty, but I'm not BEAUTIFUL. I sin, but I'm not the DEVIL.
I'm good, but I'm not an ANGEL."
 ~ Marilyn Monroe~

                              &+nothing's going to stop these tears from falling

      falling hard.

no jocking.<3
i miss you.<3
i love you.<3
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
comment/favorite/follow <3

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