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Yep...he's a jerk,

but he's my jerk.

your name
across my  h . e . a . r . t ,  and        
promised myself
t h a t     I     w o u l d
never forget you.

The best feeling in this world is falling in love
and having that same person love you  
 why should i want ?
for that person to want, me if its not the person i want to want me,
when the one that i want to want me, doesn't want me like i want  him to want
and the saddest part of all?
the fact that, i still have to explian to myself,
why i still bother to care about

hey     hey,     beautiful     the
sunshine                 shines
oh oh so  bright,  alright;
lay  back & ill  spend  the
night just staring at you


don't mistake coincidence for fate.

Boy: I saw >her< today.
Girl: I saw >him< today.
Boy: It seems like it's been forever.
Girl: I wonder if he still cares.
Boy: She looks better than before.
Girl: I couldn't stop staring at him.
Boy: I asked her how things were going.
Girl: I asked him about his new girlfriend.
Boy: I'd pick her over any girl I'm with.
Girl: He's probably really happy now.
Boy: I can't even look at her without crying.
Girl: He couldn't even look at me.
Boy: I told her I miss her.
Girl: He didn't mean it.
Boy: I meant it.
Girl: He doesn't mean it.
Boy: I love her.
Girl: He loves his new girlfriend.
Boy: I held her for the last time.
Girl: He gave me a friendly hug
Boy: Then I went home and cried.
Girl: Then I went home and cried.
Boy: I lost her.
Girl: I love him.

not done..
I'll finish it later..
not mine..
i saw it on a video on youtube

Be thankful for what you have;
you'll end up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don't have,
you will never, ever have enough.
-Oprah Winfrey
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