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You know you're in love whehe's the first thing you thing about when you wake up and the last thing you think about before you go to sleep. ♥

credit to whoever?
oh you didnt just break it once,
[ y o u       b r e a k       i t ]
every single day, but its not like
[ y o u ' d c a r e a n y w a y s ]
It's almost like you had it planned.
It's like you took my hand and said
"Hey, i'm about to screw you over bigtime."

*not mine.
maybe the truth is ;

we run to see who will come follow us

we cry to see who will wipe away our

tears. but in the end we get hurt when

the one we want to be our hero could care less.

 your heart isn't plastic,
but if you want it broken,
If she could show you how much you hurt her,
you'd never be able to look her in the eyes again.

*not mine.

    i hate her
i hate him,
i hate them,
i hate they're love,
i hate eveything,
i hate that he'll kiss her,
i hate how they'll last,
i hate how they'll hug,
i hate how they'll love eachother,
i hate how he'll forget about me,
    i hate it...

since we're being brutally honest here;
you were the worst
 i ever had the pleasure
of making.

                       (   "     )
               /\_      .'     '    .  _/\                        Happy Halloween 
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                    \              /
                       \         /`                             release your inner monster......
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              ` .__.' _    /
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too many tears unshed 
too many words unsaid
too much
love for the boy
that made me fall heels over head <3 

 <3 all mine. favorite please
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