Quotes added on Tuesday, October 27 2009

 What now Ninja Turtle<3
pick up line #5:

I  f    [  y  ]    w  e  r  e
***      t   i   m   e   ,
u ' d   e   ///


You know
you're in love when 
you can't fall asleep because
reality is finally better than

your dreams

love this quotee

Happiness is an attitude 

We either make ourselves 

miserable       Or    Happy and Strong

The amount of work is the same.

~Not my quote.
Got it from a twitter quote profile
~Everything else is mine.
&& today, it took me every bone in my body
----- > to control myself from jumping on you < ----- 
and   x  kissing   x   you   x   as   x   hard   x    as       x  could.
and i can't go back this time,
i can't fix it.

you know your inlove when you cant fal asleep at night unless his arms are around youu!

you know your inlove when you keep waking up at night thinking hes next to you!

you know you inlove when you wake up hugging your raling thinking it was him

pretty sure there 100% mine
                                     I want that conversation about absolutely nothing
                              but means everything to me.

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