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People say not to cry because its over but
 to smile because it happened but how can you
do that when just thinking of the good times
makes you wanna cry because
you   realize what you’re   missing?
so so so sorry this isnt a quote
i was just wondering if someone
could make me a fanartt because
im like really dumb and dont know how to!
so i would love someone to make me a fanartt
(: get backk to mee!!

Forgive, sounds good
             Forget, I'm not sure i could

Boy, last year she would have done anything-anything-for you.

This year? You've got nothing.
Every once in a while people step up
they rise above themselves
sometimes they suprise youu
and sometimes theyy fall short.
Life is funny sometimes, it can push pretty hard
but if youu look close enough youu find hope
in the words of children
in the bars of a song
and in the eyes of someone you love.

and if youu are reallyy luckyy,
ii mean the luckiest person on this entire planet,
the person youu love decides to love youu back.

one tree hill.
the truth is
there is nothing
to be afraid of.

its just life.
In the end we only regret
the chances we didn't take,
the relationships we were afraid to have,
& the decisions we waited to long to make

       you said that you would love me
but they also said santa comes down
your chimney at night
they lied
Love Is Like a Knife The Deeper it gets to your heart the more its going to hurt.

do you think she knows the muffin man song?
-Patrick Star
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