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it's no lie, all the rumors are true
how i'm so messed up, i'm so in love with you.
you tell me im your world, then you say goodbye
i fell so fast, all i can do is try.

i try to forget you, because i'm so
i try to forget you, when everythings wrong.
you broke my heart, and made me
so tell me now, and tell me

why you broke my heart in two, why you had to lie,
why you made me break inside, and how you made me die.

i dont know how it happened all so fast,
but please, dont erase me from your past.

i had the time of my life when i was with you
but thats all gone now because we're through.
we're through being friends, as our conversations come to an end.
you left me bleeding out, leaving my heart to mend.

what did i do not to deserve you ?

after all i did was love you too..

venting... 100% mine
go over the black spaces to read what it says.
i know its not very good but its just the way i feel..
click the heart if you like it (:
Story #1

It was the night before their two year anniversery,
they've known each other all their lives, but have been in a relationship for two years.
Everything was going great, she couldnt think of anything in the world that would
bring them two down. That's what she thought anyways.
It was about 11pm (which she should have been in bed)
because it was a school night, and her parents freaked
if they knew she was up passed 10.But she didnt care she
was sitting on her bed, her phone in her lap, listening to music on her ipod.
She was in the middle of making her boyfriend a card,
she thought she did a great job on it. He text her
"what's up baby" she smiled, she loved it when he texted her randomly,
it just gave her butterfiles. As she tried to gain her strength back up from
that minor heartattack, she replyed "not alot sitting here waiting to see you tomorrow".
As she waited for him to text her back, she finished her card up
and they went downstairs to get a drink. She had her phone on the charger,
so she didnt hear it go off the first time. When she reached her room she saw
her phone said one missed call, she just rolled her eyes, and thought it
was her mom again. (Her mom worked late andwould always call her to see
how things were going, even thought her dad was home). As she walked
over and checked it, it was from him. Aww he's calling me early to tell
me happy aniversery, is'nt that so sweet? (she thought). She picked up
her phone without thinking, and called him back. "Rach?" he whispered
in a slow voice. "Yesss?" she whispered back. "Why are you calling me?, Did you not
read my text?" he exclaimed. "No i didnt, i just saw you called and" he
cut her off, "i gotta go. just read the text bye". After he hung up she knew
something was wrong, she flipped open her phone, went to her inbox,
and there it was the message that killed her. "Im sorry, but i cant do
this anymore, the me and you thing, it was alright for awhile, but it got old,
you got clingy. and i dont like that, i dont want this to upset you but i have
to tell you the truth, i found somebody else, we've actually been seeing each other
for awhile behind your back, i just dont  want to hurt you anymore bye".
Her eyes got puffy and a tear rolled off her face. "Who is she?" she asked.
"Your Best Friend" he text. Now this is where the tears
really started to flow, how could they? he was my boyfriend, and she was my best friend?
how could you do this to a person you cared about? there's no way.
She ran to the bathroom, got a razor and cut into her wrist, she's done it in the past,
so she thought it'd be okay to do again, but it wasnt. She cut too deep,
and hit a vein She didnt know at the time, so she layed there on the bathroom floor,
crying, her eyes closed, not seeing all the blood surrounding her. & as she cried herself
to sleep,By an hour, she was dead.
All because one boy & one girl.

The hurt is like a long lasting
that no doctor has medication for
unless its that special someone that
to be your medication before u got hurt....

 you ask me what's wrong with me,
why I've /changed/ so much.
<<if only>> you knew you're the reason
for all of this, it's you, your eyes, your touch.
your perfect.
your color-changing eyes,
your bright smile
your sense of humor,
your intelligence,
your sensitivity,
your girlfriend........ :'(

just venting :)
So dim that s p o t l i g h t, tell me things like
"I can't take my eyes off of you"
I'm no one special, just another wide-eyed girl
Who's desperately in love with you
Give me a photograph
to hang on my wall


*i loveee this song<3

i just wanna show you;
She dont even know you,
She's never gonna love you,
..**** .
l i k e   I    a n t   t o.
And you just see [(right through me)]
But if you only knew me.

We could be
 beautiful, miracle, unbelievable,

instead of just invisible..

Hope for the best
but expect the worst
Love with all your heart
but expect it to hurt

&&+ when I first saw you
Stars were worth wishing on
i never missed
i spent hours in the morning
trying to find the
then going with what i first had.
those silly love songs
on the
radio [
f i n a l l y
] made sense.
&&+ it felt like nothing else mattered
BuT THeN mY HeARt BrOKe...
when i saw you look at her
the same way</3

no credit i jus loved this quote =]]

Cause everything that we've been through
i dnt even care
yu can leave it right ther
Cause if you wanna go yu shud go so far away</3

by:supperrr sakoo
song: Movin on
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