Quotes added on Thursday, October 29 2009

Can you name 13 boys off the top of your head?
1. david
2. victor
3. brian
4. benny
5. daniel F.
6. Daniel H . (:
7. Chriiistoo [pher (:]
8. Aaron :D
9.  Daniel J.
10. Benniee :)
11. Magnus
12. Gavin
13. Henry
How did you and #12 meet? my first day of school D: god, that was a terrible day ._. he was following me around cz he wanted to be "my btch" :'d

Have you ever seen #4 cry? nope (: just from laughter :'d

Would #11 and #2 make a good couple?  Honestly No, Victor is American and Magnus is Danish aahahah (:

Are you really good friends with #13?
Do you think #5 is cute?  well i´ve seen uglier guys :D

Something about #1...? he's tiny and we love each other sooo much [as friends]

What's #7's favorite color?
idk red or sumthn ;o

What would you do if #6 confessed that they liked you?He's told me that before.. i was shocked o.o both times..

Fact about #9? konnie has the biggest crush on him :)

Would you ever live with #8? Nope :) the smell would kill me :/

What's the worst thing about #10? he's freakin funny :)

whos going out with number 1... nobody :) he's very upset about it :)

What do you think about #3? he's freakin hawt, freakin funny and i love him soo much. btw great kisser *pervert*
in his eyes,
everything about her is perfect <3
in everybody else's eyes,
shes just a lie. </3

minnnneeee [:
click the little heart pleasee <3

 i wAS tRyiNg tO fLy BUt i cOulDNt fiND wiNgS
bUt yOU cAMe ALoNg aNd YOu ChaNgEd EvEryThINg

*taylor swift, crazier*

i hate you, i love you
you hate me, you love me

wait, what?
He told me to get over him
I told him I CANT
That isn't good enough for him
my solution:
The only way to get over him
Is to have some sort of official ending
Kind of like a break up
Something that says there is no chance
So that I can stop hoping
So that I can stop dreaming
So that I can
stop living my life by him
But how do you break up with someone you aren't dating?
That part is up to him

our inside jokes
to many to name
when were apart
its never the same
when were together
its nothing but fun
replacing my girls
just can't be done(:


means iloveyou in dinosauuur.

not mine, but cute as (:

h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a  


I have no idea
what you just said
but you looked

cute saying it

The same boy that broke my heart into a million pieces
Managed to put them all back together
Only to break it again
And again
And again
It makes me wonder why I keep letting him do it
Why do I still love him?
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