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Missing Someone

isn't about how long its been since

you've seen them lastaeor the amount
of time it's been since you have talked_.·´¯`>
it's about that very moment when you're
something and you wish,
you wish that they were right
----------->there with you 

This quote does not exist.

people always
turn out to be

who they promised
would'nt be.

sorry if already onn hereee.
im gunna put some
super glue
on my hands
so i can hold on to

i dont know wat i did... he just basically yelled @ me outta the blue... didnt think he was gunna text me nymore... but he does. n its all bout her.. cant believe this is making me upset when i knew i would neva b good enough for him....

lazy with colors, mine dont jock, ask if u wanna add colors or @ least credit me.

and boy you know who this is to,

so do you think we have a chance?
me and you?

all mine..

credit to me'

t me hold you... for the last time, it's

e last chance to feel again.

I'm just a girl...who is in love
with the most amazing, cutest,
funniest, nicest, & completely
p e r f e c t guy in the world

sorry if already on heree.
i freakinn ♥  you .
when you think about high school you think about..... drama.. boys.. girl... teachers.... grades.....how your going too frind your next beg of weed or get too your next party...... How will your friends react to what you got on or ......why am i even here.............. These days go by way too fast..... these are the best years of my life
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